About TS Księżno
Kasia & Fiksa by Sotis xx - June 1991
Horses in Zardeniki 1994
Joanna Lopko & Dzień Dobry TS by Apogej
Anna Dorofeeva in Ksiezno
Ksiezno - Winter
in Trakehnen 2011
Trakehner Commission 2010
May 2011
Winter in Ksiezno
Tomasz :))) Neumünster 1996
Trakehner Stable Księżno is located in the heart of the former East Prussia, in Warmia  (see the map).
In 1994-2001 TS Księżno was called TS Żardeniki from the name of a village at the Lake Luterskie, where we lived. First horse appeared at our place at the beginning of the year 1991 - it was a mare from Stud Farm Kadyny - Fiksa a horse for children.
We took up breeding horses seriously in 1993, i.e. by buying next fillies descended from Stud Farm Liski. We could professionally take up breeding, because both of us (Barbara and Tomasz) graduated from The Faculty of Animal Bioengineering in the Academy of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn and we owned quite a big agricultural farm in Księżno since 1981.
We created perfect conditions for our horses - spacious buildings, pastures (about 2,5 ha per horse), full veterinary prevention, systematic blacksmith's service, well-thought-out selection of stallions.
Our horses have participated in Mare Performance Tests since these were first organized in Warmia and Mazury Province - currently all of our mares are checked before being included in the basic herd.

In TS Księżno, the breeding of seven mare families is carried out - in Trakehner terminology these are the following families:
E - the founder was the Thoroughbred mare,
T - the founder was the Trakehner mare,
O - the founder was the East Prussian mare,
S - the founder was the other warmblood mare (wlkp, han, grad, pozn)

TS Księżno is a very active member of Polish Trakehner Association. Tomasz was The Chairman of Board of Control in PTA and The President of the Board. Barbara was keeping the Trakehner Stud Book.
We are in touch with Polish horse breeders, also we are visited by breeders from Germany, Lithuania, Russia and other European countries. Our friends from Germany - Sigrun and Andreas Wiecha put photos from German breeders' tour of Księżno 2007, on their website.

 Since 1996 we have visited The Trakehner Hengstmarkt - Neumünster.

Our 8-mares stable has already achieved a lot of success - horses from our stable take part in such competition as Polish National Championship for Young Horses with very good results, our mares achieve premium marks at their grading in performance tests.
More pics from Ksiezno - Swiat Obrazu photogallery , 1X.com or At Friends` Art Gallery

Thank you for visiting our website, and we are inviting you to Księżno!