TS Księżno stallions
Apogej by Pogremok xx
Aragonit by Kobryn
Aragonit - Wozlawki
Bard by Razrjad
Burgund AAH by Juriste AA
Gluosnis xx
Machandel by Mandant
Makart by Arianin
Makart by Arianin
Salut by Gawot
z Czarem
Czar in Munster - Handorf
Eurial xx 1983, dark bay (Dargin and Eris by Negresco), sire line Alcantara II xx was the first stallion to be used in our small stable. We had one filly by him. Mare Ebony 1993 (Fiksa by Sotis xx) is a horse, which is talented in jumping. In 1998 she took part in the qualifying round in jumping in The Polish National Championship for Young Horses.

In 1994 mare Fortuna 1991, brown (Arion and Fiksa by Sotis xx) was covered by Dutch bred Justin Damiro by Damiro and gave Jasmin 1995, a bay gelding, which was exported to Arizona in USA.

The further getters were: well known in Canada and USA by his son - jumper Ali Baba - Aragonit 1978, chestnut (Kobryń and Aragonia by Dzięgiel xx), sire line Priz xx - Raufbold - Dark Ronald and German bred Machandel 1989, grey (Mandant and Melisse II by Memelruf), sire line Trakehner Ararad.

We had four foals by the son of the famous Kobryń and we succeeded in raising three wonderful mares and one gelding - dressage talented horses.
Mare Lady Noma (Atabasca) 1995 (Fiksa by Sotis xx) earned the II Vice Champion title in The Polish National Championship for Young Horses in dressage, in the year 2000.
Mare Akka 1995 (Wiła by Waleń) - dressage horse, classes N - C.

We had four offsprings by the German bred Machandel, from which two mares were in the basic herd:
  • mare Kosma TS 1997 (Koszatka by Dukat AA),
  • mare Dobra Nasza TS 1997 (Dodona by Kerman).

In the years 1996-97 Germanic xx 1988, black (Babant and Georgina by Conor Pass), sire line Hyperion xx was the chef sire in TS Księżno.
We raised ten foals by him, from which five mares were recognized for breeding and mare Wielka Woda TS 1998 (Wiła by Waleń) was highest graded Polish Trakehner mare by the international horse-breeding board (Lars Gehrmann) in the year 2001.
Gelding Wigwam 1997 (Wiła by Waleń) was the finalist of The Polish National Championship for Young Horses in jumping in 2001.
Gelding Figaro 1998 (Fiksa by Sotis xx) was twice (in 2002 and 2003) the finalist of Polish National Championship for Young Horses in dressage.

In the year 1999 our mares were covered by:
  • Hamlet Go 1985, chestnut (Turnus and Hama by Matador), sire line Prince Rouge xx - Dark Ronald,
  • Olimp 1994, grey (Akcept xx and Olimpia by Hill Hawk xx), sire line Ticino xx - Ferro,
  • Gregory AA 1985, grey (Jarabub xx and Grecja AA by Bawar AA), sire line Lavendin xx - Alcantara II. Gregory AA is a sports horse (in ranking WBFSH - eventing).
By Hamlet Go we had two foals, in which:
  • mare Kosha TS 2000 (Kosma TS by Machandel) was highest graded Polish Trakehner mare in the year 2003, , gelding Na Opak TS 2000 (Nyrelia by Dukat AA).
By Olimp there is one breeding mare Kite TS 2000 (Krutynia by Kerman).

We tried artificial insemination with frozen semen of the stallion Kostolany 1985, black (Enrico Caruso and Kapstad by Falke) in the year 2000 - unfortunately without success. Salut 1991, dark chestnut (Gawot and Salopa by Narwik), sire line Perkoz xx - Hurry On also covered in TS Księżno. Two promising horses were born that year in TS Księżno:
- mare Firstmania TS (Fairmania TS by Germanic xx),
- gelding Nyks TS (Nyrelia by Dukat AA).

The chef sire in TS Księżno was since 2001 our own stallion, Apogej 1986, brown (Pogremok xx and Azbuka by Zagorsk xx), sire line Pogremok xx - Dark Ronald.
Apogej was bred by Stud Farm Dovator - Belarus. He is the half-brother (by Pogremok xx) of an outstanding dressage horse - Acartenango (Garpun), which was the finalist CH-M in dressage in Jerez de la Frontera.
Apogej dams' sire - Zagorsk xx has produced many successful olimpic horses (according to the ranking of WBFSH - in dressage and eventing).
There are five breeding mares by Apogej in TS Księżno, two geldings and two colts the 2007 generation.

In 2003 three mares were in foal by the stallions:
  • Burgund AA 1988, chestnut (Juriste and Blanka by Ulus), five-time Polish medalist in jumping - a colt Alytus TS was born,
  • -Ignam 1980, dark bay (Akropol and Inna by Sobiepan), Grand Prix class horse in jumping, the finalist of The World Cup in Dortmund in 1990 - a filly Aqua TS was born,
  • Czador 1999, bay (Orsini and Czapla by Pistolet) - filly Nubia TS was born (sold to Germany in 2007).

In 2004 besides our Apogej's offsprings there was born filly Klio TS by Ukrainian bred Bard 1988, dark bay (Razrjad and Bippi AA by Privet oo).

During the next two years we've been using Apogej, and after that, from 2007 we reached for frozen semen of two stallions Makart and Czar. Two filies were born after Makart - Arosa TS and Kleo TS, and by grey Czar there is a colt Wielki Czar TS.

Makart 1986-2005, chestnut, bred by Stud Farm Plękity, son of the Arianin and Makia by Karkas, sire line Perkoz xx - Pilade - Hurry On. Makart - Champion of the Trakehner Stallions of 2002, Grand Prix class jumping horse, jumps over 2 m high obstacles, he could win international competitions like Derby.
In Western Europe there is well known and priced 3 brother of Makart - Szkopuł (Arianin - Karkas - Priz xx) - high class jumping horse, sports getter in Sweden.

Stallion Czar 1998, (Lwów and Czantoria by Aragonit), grey, bred by Marek Przeczewski, sire line Trakehner Pilger, dam line T - Chwała 1944 (Lore 1905). Czar - Vice Champion of 4-years old horses in Polish National Dressage Championship for Young Horses - now Grand Prix class in jumping, in February 2007 he made an splendid appearance in front of international audience in Munster - Handorf, Westphalia.

In year 2008 our mares were covered by stallions Czar, Saganek AA and Gluosnis xx.

Was born : filly Kultura TS by Czar , filly Domiana by Gluosnis xx ( in Krupoliny ) , filly Kondolisa TS and colt Ferdydurke TS both by Saganek AA .
We also plane to use the following stallions in TS Księżno breeding :
EH Caprimond
K 2
Veloce de Favi AA
EH Distelzar