O - Direktion
Dobranocka TS by Donaudichter & Pola
Dobra Noc & Dobranocka TS - July 2013
Dobranocka TS by Donaudichter
Dhaulagiri TS by Veloce de Favi AA
Dobra Nasza TS by Machandel
Dobranocka & Dobra Noc TS by Donaudichter
Dzien Dobry TS by Apogej
MPMK decoration Joanna Lopko & Dzien Dobry TS
Mare Direktion (East Prussian) 1937 (Direx and Innung by Fehnentrager) bred by R. Rosigkeit. After world war II that Liski's family became of great importance on the international arena.

Direktion's daughter - Akcja 1947 by Polarstern trk. has given stallions Ahmad by Celsius trk. and Akcjonariusz by Sandor trk. Ahmad was a continuator of sire line Hirtensang - Parsival in USSR and Germany. Akcjonariusz extended sire line - Tempelhüter, and is a grand sire of such world-famous German breeding stallions as: Mackensen and Socrates.

In Poland from this family descend stallions: Brankard, Dyrektoriat, Dolus, Dover, Dyskobol and others.

At "The register of Polish sport horses 1981 - 1992" from this family are mentioned:
  • Dynamit 1973 (Kondeusz and Dygresja) - jumping,
  • Dolomit 1977 (Kobryń and Dola) - jumping.

In the jumping Ranking of WBFSH - Breeding Guide - Sires and Sport we can find:
- Dolus 1978 (Gont and Dola) - jumping.

Mares : bay Dhaulagiri TS ( by Veloce de Favi AA out of Dobra Noc TS by Apogej ) and gray Dobranocka TS ( by Donaudichter out of Dobra Noc TS by Apogej ) was sold to Scandinavia

Breeding in Księżno was initiated Dodona 1992 (Kerman and Dolewka by Bułat), a mare from Liski, bought as foal.