S - Afanasia
Ferdydurke & Funny First TS - June 2014
Fotografia TS by K2
Fux TS by Aragonit & Mirka - Finland
F - family : Funny First, Fotografia, Firstmania and Ferdydurke TS
Fotografia TS by K2 & Dina
First TS by Apogej & Kasia Jachlewska
Figaro TS by Germanic xx - MPMK Wrocław Partynice 2002
Lady Noma ex Atabasca by Aragonit
The founder of the family which survived the WW II was a Hannoverian mare Afanasia born in 1933. She made it to Poland with a filly Fraza on account of a war indemnities. In Stud Farm Kadyny, Fraza started "F-family" in Wielkopolska Bred. Hannoverian mare Fraza 1947 (Frühsport and Afanasia by Aberglaube xx) pedigree is quite interesting : Fruhsport was the grandsire of famous Westphalian stallion Fruhlingsball, and Aberglaube xx was a son of an epoch-making Dark Ronald xx.

From this family in Polish horse-breeding descend stallions: Fortel, Front.

Horses mentioned in "The register of Polish sport horses 1981 - 1992":
  • Fokus 1976 (Oltis xx and Foka) - jumping
  • Folga 1982 (Oran I and Forta) - jumping.

Horses bred in TS Księżno:
  • mare Lady Noma a.k.a. Atabasca (Aragonit and Fiksa by Sotis xx) - III place in Polish Dressage Championship for Young Horses in 2000.
  • gelding Figaro TS (Germanic xx and Fiksa by Sotis xx) - two-time finalist of Polish Dressage Championship for Young Horses (2002 and 2003).
Bay gelding Fux TS ( Aragonit and Fiksa by Sotis xx ) - full brother of Lady Noma was sold to Finland where he takes part in dressage competitions under Mirka Pirhonen
Black gelding First TS ( by Apogej out of  Firstmania TS by Salut ) takes part in dressage competition class N - C under Kasia Jachlewska

Breeding in Księżno was initiated by Fiksa 1980 (Sotis xx and Fikcja by Kirgiz) a mare from Kadyny Stud Farm.